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modular home on concrete foundation How are modular homes built?  Well, unlike stick-built homes, they are made in a factory, and they are built from the inside out.  High-quality materials are used for the framework, and because the home has to be transported long distances at high speeds and lifted in one piece by large machinery, modular home construction uses building techniques that increase strength.  For example, floors and walls are glued as well as nailed, 20 to 30 percent more wood is used in framing, and steel supports are used for stiffness.

With all these extra steps and materials, you would think that modular homes would take longer to build, but in fact the exact opposite is true.  Modular homes spend from three to five days on the factory's assembly line.

The part of the home that is built in the factory is the flooring, which engineers determine will support the rest of the structure.  Floors are generally made of 2 x 10 floor joists, as well as floor decking that is 3/4 inch tongue-in-groove plywood.  The front and rear perimeters comprise 2 x 10 framing, and each rectangular section includes double 2 x 10s, with two laminate areas where the walls meet — and where they will be joined on-site.

After the floor panels are complete, the walls are added.  Insulation, as well as all electrical and plumbing connections, are included in the manufacturing process.  One-half inch smooth-finished drywall that is primed and ready for painting is then installed.

Once the framing and insulation are done, details like doors, windows, carpeting, bath and kitchen fixtures, and heating units are installed.  In most cases, the homeowner is given plenty of choices when it comes to these details.

After the interior is finished, the exterior is completed according to customer specifications.  Once the modular units are done, they are wrapped so that they will be protected during the shipping process.  They are then shipped to the home site, where they are put together according to the modular home plan.

Once the home reaches the construction site, it generally takes between three and sixteen weeks to erect it, depending upon the size of the home.

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